• Any Problems with Your Rugs? Call Bagdad Oriental Rugs!

    Any Problems with Your Rugs? Call Bagdad Oriental Rugs!

    Are you a busy person? Do you like to spend your time with your beloved ones in the house? Or both? If you like being together with those you love, you always need a place to gather andshare stories. Hence, the family room is the right place for you. A spacious, clean, dust-free and comfortable room is a must. The main part of the family room that becomes the focus is a rug. Why is that, you might wonder? Well, just imagine, you gathering with your family in a room without a rug and you are exposed to how cold the house’ floor. This may not be a problem for you, but for children, or for toddlers, this can be a serious problem. They can get sick, exposed tobacteria, fluvirus or something else. So, a clean and comfortable rug is absolutely required in the family room. Then, have you cleaned your rug? Or even wash it? If you have not done that, follow these tips carefully:

    1.       The initial step in rug cleaning  starts by holdingthe rug on the floor, then inhaleor remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner machine. Use a wet & dry vacuum cleaner machine, so that it can be used to vacuum and inhale the water at the same time.

    2.       Spray the carpet with cold water. It would be better if you use pressurized sprayers, or water cannon to wash cars or motorbikes to remove the dust maximally.

    3.       Use the detergentfor washing clothes,but if you want to use rugdetergent/shampoo, it twice better. Then, brush it until all the dust is removed. Do not brush too hard so the fur does not fall out.

    So, is it easy right? What if you do not have a time to clean your rug, then? The answer is Bagdad Oriental Rugs, the professional rug cleaning and rug repairing  to fix all problems on the rug. Bagdad is the only one rug cleaning  service that uses the most advanced technology to clean a rug. The cleaning process will give the cleanest rug you will never see before. A huge improvement formula is applied to the washing method. As a professional rug cleaning , Bagdad Oriental Rugs not only serves a rug cleaning  but also rug repairing, rug dry cleaning, rug restoration, and rug collection. You can find everything regarding the best of the rug in the world only in Bagdad Oriental Rugs. Bagdad Oriental Rugs is the number one Houston rug cleaning that will guarantee you get the highest standard of clean rugs. Thus, for you who are living in Houston, Texas prepare yourself and grab your place to get the number one quality of professional rug cleaning and rug washing. Bagdad Oriental Rugs, which was first established in 1946, is the only rug establishment in Texas with the most skilled technicians who always ready to serve the number one quality of rug repairing.

    And now the question is, how can you reach Bagdad Oriental Rug? It is very simple. You only need to make a contact to 713-783-3500 for a phone call, or 713-789-9660 for fax. Contact directly use your own number, tell your cleaning problem, and book your place to get the most satisfying service from Bagdad Oriental Rugs. You can also follow Bagdad Oriental Rugs on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to get all the further information on this five-star rug establishment.

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