• The Ammeris Blockchain Foundation(the Foundation) is launching the Ammeris Platform (the Platform), a sustainable, interoperable and scalable blockchain network designed to host commercially viable d'Apps. The Platform is composed of the Ammeris Blockchain (the main ledger) and the Ammeris Blockchain Stack (ABS).

    The entire Platform is operated by 100% renewable energy powered and permissioned nodes that allow for the creation of segregated and/or application-specific ledgers.

    Ammeris Coin (AMRS) is the Ammeris Blockchain-native cryptocurrency that serves as an access token and acts as a reward for staking on the Platform. Ammeris is pioneering industry-specific applications in the sectors of healthcare, energy, insurance, entertainment and capital markets.

    In addition to the Foundation, Ammeris operates other for profit entities providing 
    advisory, research and development, asset management and support services to the Foundations and customers who are onboarded onto the Platform.

    Ammeris complementary solutions:

    Ammeris provides a green blockchain


    • The Ammeris Blockchain is a publicly-accessible proof-of-work blockchain that is powered entirely from renewable energy in permissioned enterprise-grade data centres.
    • The Ammeris Blockchain serves as a green token economy for projects looking to launch initial token offerings (ITO's).

    Ammeris is developing a solution stack


    • The ABS will provide build, deployment, and management capability for d'Apps through the provision of onboarding tools, including segregated ledgers, through the Ammeris Portal.
    • The ABS functions will be exposed as "REST API" (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface), allowing any third-party application developer with minimum knowledge of DLT or blockchain infrastructure to create d'Apps with their technology of choice (e.g., J2EE, .NET, etc.)

    Ammeris Coin (AMRS): A renewables-powered crypto

    Access, Rewards


    • AMRS is a mineable blockchain-native cryptocurrency. Block rewards will be awarded to AMRS stakeholders through the Ammeris Portal, while transaction fees will be awarded to permissioned data centres.
    • AMRS is critical to operating the Platform and serves as an integral component of the Platform's consensus mechanism that grants access to system functionalities.
    • AMRS provides participants with the ability to transfer value and information in a predictable and secure environment on a global scale.

    Ammeris and the Foundation have bought together a multi skilled team of experienced professionals with a presence in Nova Scotia, Cayman Islands, San Diego, United Kingdom, Monaco, Abu Dhabi and Thailand and will shortly be setting up an office in Hong Kong.

    The Foundation will be launching the Alpha of the Platform in November 2018 and are currently providing Advisory and Support to two initial launch customers, one of which is in the gaming industry and one in health.

    The Foundation is advised by Alan De Saram of CollasCrill in the Cayman Islands who acts as legal counsel to the Ammeris Group of entities.


    Erik Fertsman


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  • Find the Best Playground Recommendation for Your Next Play

    Are you currently looking for a recommended site for the optimal betting playground?

    In this day and age, looking for the best sites to play and safely bet on is a priority on the agenda list of any well-seasoned gambler out there, especially the South Korean regulars. It’s safe to say that many sports bettors are drawn to safety, in addition to convenience, when it comes to picking a betting site. After all, they intend to play for keeps while reaping considerable bonus and benefits at the same time—to them, it’s all about maximizing profit. Plus, in addition to the flexibility and accessibility of playing online, a reliable security will further enhance the online playing experience. With various gambling sites popping up everywhere nowadays, of course, new players sometimes find themselves unable to decide which ones are safe. So, bottom line, if you are amongst the new players currently in the same predicament, would you like a bit of a tip in searching for the recommended site?

    Alright, then. Now, this is what you are looking for.

                    This is Verti Safe, a site that offers major info on TOTO sites alongside the recommendation on the best ones. The site boasts that you’ll get the best recommendation since the site strictly enforces a rule that only safe toto sites are able to qualify. Once you open the website, you’ll be greeted with the following sections: high-cost sports, ladder, MGM, casino, and money. Each section contains some of the most popular games for you to play. This recommendation site prioritizes more on the safety of toto sites, the private toto sites, and other eligible toto sites out there. Before you choose a toto site. It is good for you to consider the following points:

    1.       Major Verification

    2.       Verification of Exchange

    3.       Information Management Verification

    Do you need to verify a toto site you once saw? In need of a second opinion? Verti Safe can also help you to verify. Just contact them via LINE, Kakao Talk, email or many more. Verification is easy via social media channels you already have access to. They will also manage safety playgrounds so that you will not experience any inconvenience.

                    Verti Safe provides sports toto sites with different dimensions. In this site, you can find tens of thousands of matches that are not available anywhere else. You can bet according to the score while watching the game in real time. You can bet however much you want, though every game has their maximum bet amount. Maximum bet amount will vary from 1 million to 300 million. Besides sports game as the main feature, you can also find mini-games such as Powerball, virtual soccer, dog race, racing /  rolling 300% / casino – Baccarat, blackjack, hold’em, roulette and more.

                    Ladder site is also one of what Verti Safe’s offers; ladder is a membership-based playground with an easy-to-use interface and over 13 different events. In this part, you can also enjoy various mini-games that are available. Different from high-cost sports, Ladder provides some mini-game such as ladder, leg bridge, snail / Powerball, power ladders / MGM sip, MGM Baccarat / LOTUS sip, LOTUS  Baccarat / rolling 300%. This is a game that can potentially net you a lot of profit in a short time.

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  • Importance of pest control to you



    Pest control is very important for a number of reasons in our homes and workplaces. People think that they don’t need the pest control services but you should know we live in places where pests are almost everywhere. Knowing the right company to call for these services is important since they will help you solve the pest problems. Here are some of the reasons to call San Antonio pest control services for your home.


    Pests are dangerous to health

    Some pests like bedbugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches and termites are creatures that can enter your home and can be very annoying. Mosquitoes can cause malaria which is diseases that can kill. On the other hand, diarrhea is a common problem in homes that have cockroaches. Imagine staying at a place where you cannot sleep comfortably just because there are bedbugs in the place. Bedbugs can even get into your furniture, cushions, and pillows hence making life very hard for you at home. You may want to get rid of them but you don’t know the best way to do it. Calling the pest control services can help you with the best methods and chemicals to get rid of them.


    Maintaining the value of your home

    We have built homes that are lovely and very expensive and we always to keep them appear lovely at all times. Termites, on the other hand, can damage a lot of things in the home starting from the wood used in the house construction to the furniture in the house. They end up lowering the value of your home until you may even think of selling it. It is important to deal with the pest problem first before selling the home to a new buyer. Getting into pest control can help you secure your home from such pests. Even if you feel like selling the house, you will still have almost what you incurred in securing it in the beginning.


    Avoid food wastage at home

    Research has shown that approximately 20% of the food supplied in the world is eaten by rodents. Foods in our homes can be wasted by the pests instead of keeping us going. Some food can go bad easily since there are pests like cockroaches in our homes. In the garden, there are field pests that cause destruction to food before we get it to our stores at home. Therefore, one needs to call pest control services that will help you get rid of these rodents from your home. Food will not go bad and you can as well help it from being eaten by rodents. Families go hungry just because the pests destroyed their food and you don’t have to be in the same situation.


    Pests are dangerous to our health, our homes and our businesses. They destroy our property and can even cause health issues for us. Rat bite fever and trichinosis are among the diseases that are caused by a bite from rats. If you need the best services in controlling pests, you can come to pest control San Antonio and you will be helped.

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  • APICMO Experienced PHD Team Focuses on Research and Development of API and Mass Production of CMO and CDMO Orders 


    APICMO, is a leading pharmaceutical company that takes pride in its PHD team experience in dealing with Merck, Lilly, and several other pharmaceutical companies. The company has a focus on research and development of cancer/tumor-targeted drug intermediates (API). Along with that, they are known to have mass production for CMO and CDMO orders.

    The specialization of the company is in key intermediates related to new research and development in the field of oncology. It provides system development, mass production, synthetic customization, and several other services for a number of drug research and development institutions as well as pharmaceutical companies.

    Among the products that APICMO offers include chemical and biologically derived pharmaceutical intermediates, fines, and APIs. The advantage of the company regarding drug research and development is in the advance of quality control, chemicals, marketing, project management, and cGMP manufacturing. All of which improves the company’s reach to other companies.

    The pharmaceutical company can deliver the highest quality cancer key API thanks to its strong R&D team comprised of experienced scientists lead by Dr. Zeng Zhaosen. Furthermore, a large-scale production plant and business development management team supports the company. Besides, its APICMO team management has exceptional members.

    The team management of APICMO includes members mostly from developed countries, including Japan, the United States, and Europe. They are CMDO and CMO professionals with more than enough knowledge and experience in this field. Moreover, APIMO has over ten years of industry experience dealing with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

    With more than a decade of market accumulation, clients of APICMO can rest assured that the company has a strong and broad base of cooperation in the industry of pharmaceutical intermediates. The company’s vast array of products and services, as well as loyal clients, is more than enough evidence. Among the products that the company offer includes Heterocycles, Pyrimidines, Pyridines, Azetidines, Chiral compounds and other compounds.

    APICMO is also an award-winning CMO and API company. In 2016, it won the AIM BY LABORATORIES AWARDS. In 2017, it was awarded the BEST LABORATORY OF THE YEAR. In 2018, it earned the title of being the BEST SUPPLIER. All of these are pieces of evidence of the quality of products and services that APICMO offer its clients from all over the world.For more information, please visit https://www.apicmo.com/. 

    Media contact

    Company: Apicmo Biochemical Technology Co.,ltd 

    City: shanghai

    Country: China

    Address: Building D, 2 floor, No. 128, Xiangyin Road, Yangpu District, 200433, Shanghai, China

    Contact Person: Dr. Zeng

    E-mail: info@apicmo.com

    Website: https://www.apicmo.com 

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  • Skills {for a|for any|to get a} Successful Career in Medical Marketing

    healthcare marketing

    {People who|Individuals who|Those who} {work in|operate in|are employed in} {the field of|the concept of|the joy of} medical marketing come {belong to|fit in with|are part of} diverse disciplines. However, they possess one skill {in common|in keeping|in accordance}; {they have|they've|they've got} good {knowledge of|understanding of|familiarity with} the pharmaceutical industry {and the|and also the|as well as the} {product that|product which|creation that} {they have to|they need to|they must} promote. {As easy as|As simple as|As elementary as} {it may sound|it appears}, {making a|creating a|building a} niche {for you|for you personally|to suit your needs} {in such a|in this|in that} challenging environment {is quite a|is a reasonably|is a pretty} tough task. The evolution {of the|from the|with the} pharmaceutical industry, {the introduction of|the development of|the creation of} newer regulations, newer products and competitors making generic medicines available {demands a|requires a} creative mind {that is|that's|which is} constantly endeavouring {to promote|to advertise|to market} his product {in a|inside a|in the} more innovative manner.

    Medical marketing {has come a long|made a great progress|has made great progress} way. {It has|It's|It's got} witnessed the deployment {of various|of numerous|of varied} strategies {that has|which has|which includes} revolutionized {the way|the way in which|just how} medicines were seen. {In fact|Actually|In reality}, {out of|from|away from} home marketing concept {has been|continues to be|may be} exploited {the most|probably the most|one of the most} by medical marketing. {The competition|Your competition|Your competitors} {is so|is really|is indeed} aggressive {that specific|that exact|that} agencies {have begun|have started|began} {developing a|creating a|having a} unique identity {and have|and also have|and possess} {specialized in|focused on|committed to} the promotion of medical content, while another agency may solely {focuses on|concentrates on|targets} content development. This demonstrates {the increase in|the rise in} influx {and the|and also the|as well as the} {demand for|interest in|need for} medical marketing.

    5 Skills {for a|for any|to get a} successful career in medical marketing include:

    1. Well Qualified Personnel:

    {Most people|Many people|A lot of people} who {work in|operate in|are employed in} the domain of medical marketing {have a|possess a|use a} sound background in medicine. Graduates in Lifesciences, doctors, {and even|as well as|and also} {people from|individuals from} {the media|the press} background {have made|make|are making} {it big|it big time|the big time} in field. Possessing {knowledge of|understanding of|familiarity with} {the human|a persons|a person's} anatomy and systemic functions {are a|really are a|certainly are a} requisite. It enables effective promotion {of the|from the|with the} target brand.

    2. Clarity of Thought:

    {In order to|To be able to|So that you can} {build a|develop a|create a} successful career in marketing, {one needs to|one should|you should} {possess a|have a very|use a} sound mind. {When you are|When you're|If you are} conflicted {with a|having a|using a} competitor, {it is important to|you should|you will need to} {focus on the|concentrate on the|target the} strengths {of your|of the|of one's} brand {rather than the|as opposed to the|instead of the} competitor's product drawbacks. {It is important to|You should|You will need to} gather knowledge through previous clinical study documents, previous data {of any|associated with a|of the} approvals, regulatory compliances, etc {that may|that could|which could} {give your|provide your|lengthy} product {the advantage of|the benefit of|the main advantage of} being safe etc. {This means that|Which means that|Which means} {you will be|you'll be|you will end up} {well prepared|ready|geared up} while promoting your brand.

    3. Possess inter-personal skills:

    {A medical|A clinical} marketing person {needs to understand|must understand|must fully accept} {the thought|the idea|thinking} {process of|procedure for|technique of} {the people|the folks|individuals}. {If one|If a person|If someone} {has to|needs to|must} convince a target consumer {to buy|to purchase|to get} {a product|an item|something}, {one would|you might|one could} first {understand what|know very well what|determine what} {the consumer|the customer|the buyer} would think {when the|once the|if the} {product is|method is|strategy is} presented. Would {the product|the merchandise|the item} {be relevant to|apply to} {the consumer|the customer|the buyer}? Will {the consumer|the customer|the buyer} {identify with|recognize|understand} it? Will {the consumer|the customer|the buyer} prefer my brand {over the|within the|on the} competitors? {If not|Otherwise|Or even}, {how can I|how do i|how could i} {make a|create a|produce a} consumer {aware of|conscious of|mindful of} {the superiority|the prevalence} of my brand? These questions {can be|could be|may be} effectively addressed when one possess good inter-personal skills.

    4. Goal oriented:

    Medical Marketing requires goal oriented individuals. Marketing {a product|an item|something} {is always|is definitely|is usually} {a challenge|challenging|difficult}. {One needs to|One should|You should} set defined goals {to promote|to advertise|to market} {a brand|a brandname|a brand name} {in an|within an|in a} effective manner. {When a|Whenever a|Each time a} goal {is defined|is determined|is scheduled}, {it becomes easier|the easier choice becomes|the likely decision is} {to work|to operate|to be effective} towards its brand promotion.

    5. Handle stress effectively:

    Most clients expect {a brand|a brandname|a brand name} {to be|to become|being} marketed effectively within stringent timelines. {This may lead to|This leads to|This might lead to} immense {stress on|force on} {an individual|a person|someone}. {Knowing how|Understanding how|Focusing on how} {to manage|to handle|to control} stress effectively {is an important|is a vital|is a crucial} asset. Effective stress management {will give you|provides you with|will provide you with} {the ability to|the opportunity to|a chance to} {think clearly|concentrate|focus} {and prepare for|and get ready for} {the brand|the company|the emblem} launch {in an|within an|in a} effective manner.

    Possessing these necessary skills {will definitely|will certainly|will surely} {give you a|provide you with a|offer you a} definite advantage while {dealing with|coping with|working with} competition {in the|within the|inside the} medical marketing domain {and help|which help|that assist} you {build a|develop a|create a} successful career.

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